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Our Birds

Find out about our Bird of Prey family


Bella is a hybrid peregrine lanner falcon.

She works most of the time for NBC as she is a very versatile bird. She has flown in many different and challenging places, from landfill sites to hospitals, but she seems to prefer to spend her time at the centre and showing off to people!

She is a joy to fly and loves to try to catch out new people, or Josh come to that. She will pretend that she is not interested and just sit in a tree or on the roof of the grain store, but as soon as Josh turns to walk off, she is at him like a rocket and tries to pinch the food


The one in the centre is a Tawny Owl, either side of him are Indian Scops Owls. The owls were brought to the centre on the weekend of 11/12th May
Baby Owls

Dexter is our 2yr old Snowy Owl.

We have had him since he was 5 weeks old and he grew up running around the house causing chaos.

Once he was fully grown, he moved out into his own aviary and has become very attached to his own place. He seems to like his new home and seems fascinated by all the people coming to see him. He is VERY lazy and spends most of his time resting on the floor. Life is hard as a snowy owl

Dodo is a Hybrid falcon: ½ peregrine and ½ lanner falcon.

She is a rescue bird and has been in our care since we opened. She had for some reason lost the ability to fly. She has been checked by a vet but they can find nothing wrong.

She was destined to spend the rest of her life stood on a block until she moved into her custom made aviary, which has ramps fitted so that she can run up and down to reach high perches and her shelf

Peggy is another of our rescue birds that have been at the centre since we opened.

She has suffered a leg injury which means that whenever she lands heavily, her knee pops out and points forwards.
This means she cannot hunt so was of no use to most falconers. It is her right leg that is the problem, but as you can see in the photo, she is in no discomfort and happily roosts on that leg.

She does enjoy flying around the centre, showing off to new people and is a very intelligent bird. She appears to be very happy in her new home and should have many years ahead, entertaining people, which she seems to love.


Rock is a red tail hawk.

He has been owned by us for the last 5yrs when he was rescued from a home where he was being mistreated.

Red Tails have a reputation of being an aggressive bird, but Rocky is a very good natured, but he can sometimes be nervous with people he does not know. When he is not sure of what is going on, he calls to Josh to come and get him and is happy once he has picked him up again


This is Chilli, our Amazon Blue Fronted Parrot.

Chilli will be waiting in the shop to welcome visitors to the centre and loves to chat away to children, but tends to ignore adults.

BUT BE WARNED Chilli loves to chat, but she loves to bite too!!


Another of the babies at the centre, the 6 months old Chilean Blue Eagle.

She came to us aged 14 weeks and has adapted to all the changes in her life very quickly. She was born in Gleneagles in Scotland but seems well settled south of the border in Lichfield.

She has not been named as yet, the winning school of the Lichfield in Bloom wheelbarrow competition will choose her name in the summer. In the meantime she has to answer to Hey!

Chilean Blue Eagle